Do you want to be a catio host? 

"Providing cats with outdoor access in enclosures ensures we are good cat owners and good neighbors.  It means being responsible for wildlife, responsible for community space and responsible for the safety of our cats."

-Jennifer Hillman, 

The Humane Society of the United States


Enjoy a fun and informative tour of Seattle area homes featuring "catios" - outdoor cat enclosures - designed to protect cats from predators and a variety of outdoor hazards. Catios provide enrichment including fresh air, exercise, bird watching and the stimulation of the natural world.  By providing a safe and secure environment, cat guardians can enjoy peace of mind and protect local birds and wildlife. 

The goal of the Catio Tour is to educate our community on the benefits of catios...and to inspire you to create one to enrich your cat's life!


Catios keep cats safe and protect local birds and wildlife!

​   Catio Tour:   Saturday, July 28, 2018 

 Noon - 4pm 

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