News Release - June 2017
Catio Tour Seattle:  Protecting Cats and Native Wildlife

City Living Seattle   

Catio Tour Seattle to showcase 'outdoor rooms' for cats


New Day Northwest, KING 5

New outdoor trend for cats - the Catio!

It's a Catio, Daddio!  Safe Outdoor Access for Frisky Felines 

​It's a Catio Daddio!  A Video Tour by the Feline Himself


All Animals Magazine - The Humane Society of the United States
The Cats Meouw.  Catios provide the perfect spot for a fix of the great outdoors. 

Country Living

Apparently, Catios are a Thing Now.  These backyard spaces are the cats meow. 


Cats Play and Roam Safely In Yards With ‘Catios’


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