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Keeping cats happy inside is easier than ever and a great way to ensure their safety as well. Cats who live outdoors face many dangers. They are exposed to contagious diseases, most of which are fatal. Traffic takes a huge toll on free-roaming cats, and while many people believe their pets are street-wise, no cat looks both ways when being chased by another animal. Further dangers include poisons, leg-hold traps, pet theft, and inhumane treatment by cruel people.  Outdoor cats cause problems, too. They dig and defecate in neighbors' yards, and as predators, they injure and kill a significant number of wild animals. Cats cannot be trained to ignore their natural hunting instincts. The only sure way to safeguard wildlife is to keep cats inside.  Luckily, there are many ways to enrich your cat’s life while keeping him/her safe!

​​Cats, the most popular pet in the United States, don’t have to roam outdoors to be happy. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and cat and bird lovers agree that having fewer cats roaming outdoors is better for cats and for birds and other wildlife. Cat owners can make one of the largest differences by keeping their pet cats indoors and safely confining cats to their property, for example, in a catio. The HSUS resources can help cat owners transition their outdoor cats to the great indoors, keep their cats happy indoors, and solve common cat behavior problems so that cats are not made to live outdoors or abandoned. To combat cat overpopulation, The HSUS promotes getting pets cats spayed or neutered and providing them with visible identification, and reducing the number of roaming community (feral and stray) cats through sterilization and vaccination.

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​​​​​​​​​​​​Catios can enrich the life of your cat.  

Catios are outdoor enclosures designed to keep cats safe, healthy and happy.  There are many ways a catio can be added to a house, yard, window, porch or deck.  Whether large or small, simple or lavish, you can create a catio that suits your budget, style and feline's fancy.

To help you get started, a variety resources are available including:

Catio Resources

Video Tour  by the feline himself, Lord Fauntleroy.